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"The trees in our front yard needed trimming desperately. When I called San Diego Tree Removal Services, they were incredibly responsiveness and communicative throughout. Their team were able to give us a quote and complete the tree trimming same day! If you want FAST service, call this company."
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Expert Removal & Tree Care for Your Property

Expert, reliable tree removal services
Professional tree cutting for residential and commercial properties
Full-service replanting, pruning, and branch removal

Our Tree Service Values

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed for every job our tree service company does!
We treat every tree and property as if it were our own.
All treatment plans customized for every property and client with quality service.

Local Licensed Arborists 

We have over 20 years of experience in tree service for San Diego, CA properties.
Locally owned and operated, we care as much about your beloved trees as you do!
We stand behind all our work with a full guarantee.

Your #1 Choice of Tree Service Companies in San Diego

When you need tree service in San Diego county, you need to turn to the trusted pros at San Diego Tree Removal Services. We have over 20 years of experience in all the tree services you need to have done, including full-service removal, cutting and pruning, and replanting.

Locally owned and operated, our tree removal company cares about your beloved trees and property as much as you do! We’re dedicated to providing first-class tree services designed to keep those saplings healthy and lush over the years. We also provide precise, safe tree removal services in San Diego, CA, quickly clearing away damaged or dead trees from your property.

San Diego Tree Removal Services stands behind all our work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee you can trust. To get started with your FREE, no-obligation, contact us today!

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Expert, Reliable Tree Service San Diego!

Your property deserves nothing less than the most reliable, professional tree service in San Diego, which is what you’ll get when you call the pros at San Diego Tree Removal Services. Check out all the incredible tree removal services we offer including tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, and more. Call us for your FREE estimate today!

Tree Removal

Whether it’s a dead, decaying tree you need uprooted, or one that’s simply unwanted on your property for any reason, call San Diego Tree Removal Services for precise, safe tree removal service. We ensure fast, efficient tree cutting and removal, protecting your property every step of the way.

Tree Care

Beautiful, mature trees offer lots of stunning visual appeal to any property. To keep those trees healthy, call our team for regular tree service in San Diego. Proper pruning, feeding, and other tree care encourage healthy tree growth while preventing decay, rot, and other damage. San Diego tree care is our specialty.

Land Clearing

If you’re planning a new construction project, large garden, or built-in pool, or need some care for a neglected property, call us for full-service land clearing in San Diego. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that make quick work of all the brush clearing and tree removal you need to have done.
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Our Tree Service Process - How It Works

At San Diego Tree Removal Services, we keep our process for local tree service in San Diego county as simple and hassle-free as possible. To find out more or get started with your FREE quote, call us today!

Step 1


Whether you’ve already decided to have a tree removed from your property or are concerned with a tree’s overall condition, simply give the pros here at San Diego Tree Removal Services a call! We’ll discuss your needs and then schedule a FREE, no-obligation, in-person visit, so we can better assess the tree needing servicing or land to be cleared.
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Step 2


If you would like to keep a certain tree on your property but aren’t sure its condition, or have already decided to have a tree removed, we’ll assess its health and condition and best service plan for your needs. If the tree is salvageable we’ll discuss its needed pruning, disease treatment, or other tree care. For tree removal or land clearing, we’ll note all work needed to ensure safe, precise services.
Step 3


Once we’ve assessed the best service plan for your trees and property, we’ll offer a full-service quote that includes all costs and fees. We’ll also ensure you know any follow-up services needed, such as long-term tree care or replanting options, to ensure your property is beautiful and welcoming and perfectly suited for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Service in San Diego

Check out these frequently asked questions about tree services in San Diego and be sure to contact us for all your needed tree cutting, pruning, and removal services. Or check out our blog for additional resources.

Can you save a dead tree ?

If a tree is truly dead then it’s not salvageable and should be removed before it topples. However, a damaged or otherwise struggling tree can often be restored to health with proper pruning, tree disease treatment, and other professional care.

How does pruning help a tree ?

Trees expend energy and use nutrients to support every branch, so cutting away overly heavy branches reduces tree stress. Thinning out branches also allows for more sunlight and air circulation around a tree’s trunk.

Why is my property’s tree struggling to grow ?

Trees might struggle to thrive for a variety of reasons, including insect or pest infestation, excessive bruising, improper pruning techniques, or unhealthy soil conditions. A professional tree assessment can note reasons for a tree to struggle so these can be addressed quickly!

More About Our Tree Removal Services

Our company offers the area’s highest-rated tree removal services in San Diego, as well as a full line of other removal services needed, including pruning, cutting, and replanting. We also provide land clearing for new construction and property cleanup. To find out more about tree care and tree removal San Diego, CA, give us a call!

Essential Tree Cutting Services in Your San Diego Area

Never leave your needed pruning or tree cutting services in San Diego county to a general landscaper or gardener. Improper cutting techniques damage and bruise trees, leading to rot, decay, and tree death! For quality tree cutting and healthy saplings, call San Diego Tree Removal Services instead.

We can get you on the schedule today for tree cutting services! There's no one better qualified for the job.
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Contractors performing needed tree cutting service in San Diego.
Overgrown tree roots needing removal in San Diego CA

Is Your Tree Desperate for Tree Root Removal? Call Us Quickly!

For the safest, most precise tree root removal services in San Diego, call San Diego Tree Removal Services. Removing a tree or rerouting its roots protects property from damage while creating an unobstructed view where needed.

To find out more, call our team of professional arborists today! We can provide you with a FREE quote for removal services and frequently are able to provide same-week services!
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Expert Limb & Branch Removal Services for San Diego Homes and Businesses

When tree branches grow too close to your home or another outbuilding, are hanging over neighboring properties, or are starting to encroach on overhead power lines, it’s time for tree branch removal services! Trimming back those branches keeps your property and tree safe and damage-free.

Call your local arborists to provide you with quality limb and branch removal in your San Diego area!
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Overgrown tree branch removal with tree service in San Diego.
A tree stump needing removal service in San Diego.

Are You Stumped? We Provide FAST Stump Removal

Professional tree stump removal services by the pros at San Diego Tree Removal Services ensures minimal soil disruption, protecting your property as well as buried pipes and cables from damage. Don't allow unsightly stumps to clog up your lawn creating eyesores for all to see. When you need tree stump removal, call San Diego Tree Removal Services!


San Diego Shrub Removal Can Be An Affordable & Seamless Process

Never attempt to simply dig up unwanted shrubs, hedges, and other bushes on your property. Shrub roots are often deeper and stronger than property owners realize! For safe shrub and bush removal without property, call the experts at San Diego Tree Removal Services. Our team of licensed and insured arborists are professionals at making shrubs disappear, like magic. You'll never know it was there to begin with. Shrub removal in San Diego can be easy breezy when you work with our team!
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A contractor cutting shrubs before removal in San Diego.
Contractors performing commercial tree service in San Diego county

Commercial Tree Services Attract New Customers to Your Business Daily

Your commercial property should look as inviting and welcoming as your own backyard! For expert commercial tree service in San Diego, call the pros here at San Diego Tree Removal Services. We make quick work of removing unwanted trees and care for your beautiful mature trees as if they were our own.

Keep your business beautiful and inviting for customers new and old. Contact us today to get on the schedule! We fill up fast for commercial services so don't wait.


About Our Service Areas in San Diego County

San Diego Tree Removal Services is proud to offer expert, reliable tree services in our San Diego service areas. If you’re in Chula Vista, El Cajon, La Mesa, National City, Santee, or anywhere in between, call us for all the tree services and land clearing you need to have done.

San Diego
El Cajon
La Mesa
National City
Chula Vista
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Trust the #1 Choice for Expert Tree Services in San Diego!

When you need expert, reliable, affordable tree service in San Diego, turn to the trusted pros at San Diego Tree Removal Services. Call us at (619) 374-6111
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