Signs It's Time for Tree Removal in San Diego

December 1, 2021

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Who walks outside of their home and thinks, "I need to do something and get tree removal in San Diego?" Most of us believe that trees pretty much take care of themselves. For the most part, they do. Once they start growing, proper wind, rain, and sunlight are all a tree needs to grow. However, trees next to buildings and homes need a little more tender love and care. If they aren't adequately cared for, they can blow down onto your home or your other personal property after a storm. For businesses, they can be a serious source of liability.

removing trees in san diego

Although you may not have paid much attention to your trees in the past, now would be an excellent time to take notice of what's going on with the trees on your property. How do you know it’s time for tree removal in San Diego?

My Tree is Tearing Up My Property

When trees are small or just starting to mature, you may not have any problems. However, sometimes a tree may outgrow its space and begin to burst underground pipelines. It can cause your sidewalk to become uneven, or even start causing issues with your home's foundation. A tree care expert may be able to salvage your lovely tree with transplanting services.

This involves uprooting the tree and moving it to another part of your property. There it can continue to spread its roots and grow without damaging your property. However, in worst-case scenarios, an arborist may suggest that you get tree removal. If you notice that the tree's roots are destroying your sidewalks or driveway or the trees are growing dangerously close to powerlines, it's a good idea to speak with a certified arborist about your options.

Fungus and Pests Are Attacking My Tree

If fungus and pests are growing on your tree, this doesn't mean it's the end for your old faithful elm or maple tree. This is especially true if your tree is not old. Occasionally, trees get damaged by lightning strikes or other problems. This may leave the tree vulnerable to fungus growth or pest infestations. However, if you perform a test on your tree by lightly scraping it and discover that beneath the cambium underneath, the bark is still green, your tree may have a chance of life.

removing trees in san diego

In this case, it may be worthwhile to salvage the tree by getting tree treatments to remove the disease or the pest infestation, restoring the tree to health. However, if the cambium is brown, the tree may be dead or dying. In this case, you will need tree removal. But to be sure, it is a good idea to have an arborist inspect the tree.

Limbs and Branches Keep Falling All Over My Yard

One of the most common reasons homeowners believe that it is time to get tree removal services is because they keep noticing huge branches falling all over the yard. While this could mean it is time to remove your tree, this also could be a sign that you need to establish ongoing tree care services with an arborist. This is common with trees that aren't trimmed and pruned regularly.

Overcrowding occurs, and as the new tree branches mature, they push out the old ones. An arborist can inspect the tree to determine if the tree needs removal or if pruning and trimming will solve the problem. 

The Structure of My Tree is Weird

Most trees grow upward toward the sky. However, there are a few trees whose structure goes awry for one reason or another. One of the most common problems with trees that grow in an unusual pattern is that they develop a V or U shape as they grow. These trees may not have been trimmed and pruned correctly when they were younger, resulting in this unusual structure. A tree with this type of structure may cause problems, particularly within the canopy, which can become too heavy for the tree's base.

As a result, these trees may fall during a storm. Arborists can fix this issue by using bracing and cabling methods that can strengthen the tree's structure. However, if the structure is severely compromised, this method won't save it, and they will have to remove your tree. 

My Tree Has Collapsed

If your tree is showing signs of distress, most arborists can improve it with tree care services. Unfortunately, once a tree collapses, there is nothing that they can do but remove it from your property. If you see your tree has collapsed on your property, it is apparent that it needs removal. Tree collapse isn't good, but if it falls in the yard and doesn't harm you or your property, arborists can remove it much easier than other trees and usually for less money than most types of tree removal. 

tree removal services in San Diego

Do you suspect that it is time for tree removal in San Diego? A skilled, certified arborist like those at San Diego Tree Removal Services can help you determine if you need tree removal. Don't hesitate to call one of their friendly, dependable arborists to schedule an inspection and get your FREE estimate on tree removal services. 

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